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Kitchener Market video 

Watch one or all of these videos showcasing or shot at the Kitchener Market! Did we miss something? Email us a link and we may add it to this page.

Kitchener Market vendor videos: 

Gmach Produce

Gmach Produce has been a vendor at the Kitchener Market since 1934 selling a variety of produce including vegetables, pickles, horse radish, mustards, sauerkraut and sour cabbage heads. Meet Karl at the farmers' market every Saturday from 7a.m.-2p.m. Watch Gmach Produce video.

Charles Quality Meats

Since 1978, Charles Quality Meats have been offering farm-fresh, chemical and drug free meat at the Kitchener Market. Specializing in lamb and many different cuts of meat, they also offer Halal meat. Let Tony help you plan your next meal every Saturday from 7a.m.-2p.m. Watch Charles Quality Meats video.

International Food Court vendors

Visit our International Food Court on the upper level of the market to enjoy mouth-watering dishes from the Caribbean, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Croatia, Romania, and El Salvador, along with local and organic cuisine and international coffee. There is always something for everyone! Dine with us Tuesday to Friday, 8a.m. to 3p.m. and Saturdays, 7a.m. to 2p.m. Watch International Vendors' video.

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Check out some of these other fun YouTube videos from other market supporters: 

Random Act of Vitality - Dec. 18 by the Downtown Kitchener BIA

On Dec. 18, a Random Act of Vitality hit the Kitchener Market. Watch Dec. 18 video.

Random Act of Vitality - Mar. 19 by the Downtown Kitchener BIA

On Mar. 19, another Random Act of Vitality hit the Kitchener Market! Watch Mar. 19 video.

Guerilla Opera by Phillip Bast

Unsuspecting shoppers are treated to an early morning serenade as Waterloo composer Peter Hatch and a small band of classical musicians explore the urban soundscape of the Kitchener Market. Watch Guerilla Opera.

Lunar New Year at the Kitchener Market by the Kitchener Downtown BIA

Downtown Kitchener celebrated the year of the Dragon at the Kitchener Market. Music, live entertainment, free cooking classes, face painting and crafts are just some of the activities that took place at the Lunar New Year Celebrations. Watch Lunar New Year video.

Waterloo Region Food & Drink Expo hosted at the Kitchener Market by DailyWeb TV

The Waterloo Region Food & Drink Expo showcases fine wines and gourmet foods. Watch Food & Drink video.

Meet my pupusa - Waterloo Region Eats by 570 Food Show

Waterloo Region Eats visits La Flor de Izote to see how pupusas, El Salvador's street snack, are made. Watch Meet my pupusa video.

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