The City of Kitchener reopened the Kitchener Market as of Saturday, June 13 following the guidance of the Provincial Government and the Region of Waterloo Public Health. The market building will open on Saturdays only for the Farmers’ Market from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. As of Aug. 1, the Food Hall will also be open during that time. 

Although the Kitchener Market is open, customers can expect a different experience when visiting. All marketplace classes, cooking events, and rentals remain cancelled or online. For details on our virtual cooking classes and Kids In The Kitchen, please visit our event calendar. Public and staff health and safety are our top priority. Recovery plans are informed by the Provincial Government and the Region of Waterloo’s Public Health staff. 

With health and safety in mind, the Saturday Farmers' Market will feature a seniors focused shopping hour from 7-8 a.m.

New expectations for Market staff and customers.

The Region of Waterloo passed a bylaw requiring the wearing of face coverings in enclosed public spaces that will come into effect on July 13. You can learn more about the bylaw and what it means for you on the Region of Waterloo site.
  • If you feel unwell or are showing any COVID-19 symptoms, do not come to the Market. You will not be allowed entry. See Provincial COVID-19 self-assessment tool and Ministry of Health COVID-19 Reference Document for Symptoms. 
  • Physical distancing rules apply. Please remain 2 metres (approx. 6 feet) away from anyone from a different household and follow all markings and signage. 
  • Access to the Market is limited to three points of entry; one entrance for those wishing to visit both the indoor area of the Market and the outdoor vendors, one entrance for those who only wish to visit the outdoor vendors and the main entrance to access the Food Hall. Stairwell access is also restricted at times.
  • Elevator access is limited and we encourage only those with mobility challenges to utilize the elevators.
  • Shoppers are to travel in a one-way directional flow through the Market until 9 a.m. and then change to a more open flow if crowd size allows. Looks for signs and staff for guidance.
  • Follow the signs throughout the Market facility and in the parking garage for guidance. If you have any questions or need assistance, please locate one of our many Kitchener Market staff on site in bright red shirts, and we will happily assist you with the new Market experience.
  • Plexiglass dividers are in place to assist with staff and customer separation.
  • Avoid unnecessary touching of products and surfaces. Ask vendors for assistance if you have questions. 
  • Payment options will be:
    • Tap payment system (credit, debit)
    • Cash – Customers will place payment in a cash box. Vendors will give change from a separate cash float only. Please carry small denominations of cash for exact change, where possible.
    • Pre-order pickup – For vendors taking online or phone orders and payment, customers can pick up their orders directly from vendor (these customers will still have to wait in line and not all vendors are offering this option).
  • Vendors handling any money will not be handling food products.
  • No touching or smelling of goods is allowed before purchase. Customers can point and verbalize what they want for selection. Vendors will then handle and bag goods. Some pre-bagged items will also be available, were possible. If customers choose to bring their own bags or carts, they will be able to bag their own goods after purchase.
  • Sampling of food and products is not permitted during this time.  
  • Cleaning and sanitization frequency has been increased, especially for high touch areas, such as railings, counter tops and registers. Cleaning is to be done with approved cleaning and disinfecting products as specified by Public Health.
  • Vendors are instructed to wash their hands thoroughly with soap, or to use sanitizer when a sink is not available, at least once an hour or after any action where possible contamination could occur.
  • Gloves are not a substitute for proper hand hygiene. If gloves are used, they must be changed often and in accordance with Public Health guideline.   
  • Masks are required for all customers and staff. Masks must cover your nose and mouth to be beneficial/useful.
  • Restrooms will be locked but are available for individual use upon request. Staff will be stationed near the restrooms for this purpose.
  • All Marketplace classes, cooking events, and rentals remain cancelled or online. For details on our virtual cooking classes and Kids In The Kitchen, please visit our event calendar.
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