On Saturdays, the Kitchener Market is home to vendors offering everything from freshly baked bread to pre-made meals. Our Saturday farmers' market is the perfect place to complete your weekly grocery shopping and relax with a cup of coffee.

Vendor list subject to change without notice. For current health and safety measures, visit our COVID-19 page. 

The lower level of the Kitchener Market hosts a variety of vendors who offer:

Visit the upper level of the Kitchener Market to find:

In order to offer you a variety of products and price points, our vendors range from local farmers and producers to resellers. A check mark (✔) indicates a MyPick® Verified Local Farmer. Learn more about MyPick®.

Baked goods

Future Bakery

40 kinds of breads, including their specialty; rye bread. You will also find many different buns, twists, poppy seed rolls, cheesecakes, Polish donuts (paczki), and more.


Email: info@futurebakery.com 

Website: Future Bakery

Karlik Pastry

Specializes in pastries and cakes.


Email: karlikpastry@gmail.com 

Website: Karlik Pastry

Quality Bakery

Bread, buns and strudels, along with European pastries and Hungarian sweets.


Sproll's Fine German Bakery

European-style breads, buns and pastries. Buns and breads do not contain any milk, preservatives or sugar.


Website: Sproll's Fine German Bakery

Sweet and Savoury Pies

Only the finest and freshest local ingredients are used to create wonderful pies and tarts that will satisfy your appetite and warm your heart. Come and visit - your taste buds will thank you!


Email: justlovepie@gmail.com 

Website: Sweet and Savoury Pies

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Bast Cheese

A variety of domestic and imported cheeses, as well as other dairy products.

Phone: 519-572-8270

Mickey McGuire's Cheese

Specializes in international specialty cheeses.

Phone: 905-627-1004

Email: info@mickeymcguire.com 

Website: Mickey McGuire's Cheese

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Kipfer's Heritage Farms

Locally owned and operated. Farm fresh eggs.  

During the Market's closure, Kipfer's Heritage Farms will continue with sales of all products near the St. Jacobs Farmers' Market. For more information, please call Jason Kipfer 519-703-1462. 


OK Egg Farm

Eggs, apples, apple butter and vegetables. Customers are able to come to our farm to purchase eggs, but please call in advance to make an appointment.


The Unfactory Farm

Certified organic and natural foods. Eggs, vegetables, meat, herbs and more. More information available on website.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, search The Unfactory Farm.

Phone: 519-698-0990

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Caudle's Catch Seafood

A wide variety of ocean, lake, smoked and pickled fish as well as many other products to add flavour to your seafood dishes. For recipe ideas and special orders drop by the stand. Caudle's to-go sells prepared fish products like sushi.


Website: Caudle's Catch Seafood

Dan Besten Rainbow Trout Farm

Specializing in farm raised rainbow trout. They smoke their own fish with real apple wood, in a few different flavours and also sell frozen fresh fillets.



Website: Dan Besten Trout Farm

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Floral Express

Local and imported flowers.


Email: richard@hollandwholesale.ca 

Royal Rose Garden/Blue Horizon Blueberry Farm ✔

"Real life begins on the land. Farming is a longtime tradition in my family, it’s in my veins,” says Jovan Ugrnov. Jovan and his wife Katica remember food shortages in Europe during their youth: for them, having land to grow food is the only true security. The Ugrnovs built a life in Canada, growing and selling farm-grown produce, cut flowers and blueberries at farmers’ markets, a European tradition they were happy to continue with their daughters at their side. Today, Royal Rose Gardens delights customers with 12 varieties of blueberries, each distinct in flavour, texture, size and colour!



Website: Royal Rose Garden

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Ackroyd's Honey ✔

A producer of honey and bee hive products from the natural floral sources of Bruce and Grey counties.



Website: Ackroyd's Honey

Doug's Honey ✔

Honey, bee pollen, propolis, bees wax candles, cosmetics and more.


Website: Doug's Honey

Kuepfer's Clover Honey ✔

Unpasteurized honey and original recipe summer sausage.


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Charles Quality Meats Ltd.

Farm-fresh, chemical and drug free meat. Specializing in lamb and many different cuts of meat. Halal meat is also available.


Facebook: Charles Quality Meats

Cressman Meat Ltd.

Variety of fresh pork and beef as well as a variety of smoked and fresh sausages.


Facebook: Cressman Meat

Website: Cressman Meat Ltd. 


Sale of fresh meats, smoke and deli meats.


Finest Sausage & Meats Ltd.

A delicious variety of wood smoked and dry cured meats as well as an extensive list of meat products such as jerky, salamis, sausages, hams and bacon. There's also an array of fresh beef and pork and a large selection of European specialty items, many of which are not available elsewhere.



Website: Finest Sausage & Meats Ltd.

Kipfer's Heritage Farms

Locally owned and operated. Their heritage pigs are raised on several small family farms.
The pigs live an easy, stress-free life. They have access to open pasture fields at all time, which is natural for the heritage breeds Kipfer's raise.
They are on a GMO-Free diet which consists of wheat, barley, wheat shorts, oats and soy. This unique diet causes them to grow slower and more efficiently. They take two to three months longer than commodity pigs to reach market weight.

Phone: 519-595-8316

Meatarian Inc.

Visit for the highest quality European smoked sausages and meats, salamis, and many other homemade goods. Products are made in their supplier's state-of-the-art factory using fresh meat from local Ontario farms.



Website: Meatarian Inc.

Rogers Ranch

Farmer Dave of Rogers Ranch raises predominantly black angus beef the old fashioned way. On pasture naturally, grass fed and grass finished. Utilizing the whole animal, everything from steaks to roasts and all the fun bits are available!

Email: dave.rogersranch@outlook.com   

Website: Rogers Ranch

Uniqpol Chicken Products

Specializes in many poultry products including cold cuts, wieners, pates, schnitzels, rolls, and much more.


Email: uniqpolinc@gmail.com 

Website: Uniqpol Chicken Products

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Prepared foods

Al Madina Egyptian Cuisine

Hummus, stuffed grape leaves, fatayer, olives, olive oil, feta, salads, baklava, halva, samosas, and mhajeb.



Website: Al Madina Egyptian Cuisine

Bolero Pizza and Pasta House

Milorad and Vesna Gutovic are no strangers to the market scene. For many years, the Yugoslavia natives operated a produce stand in the market in their hometown. The Gutovic family now makes its home in Kitchener, where they own and operate Bolero Pizza & Pasta House during the week. On Saturdays, they have working locations on both the upper and lower levels of the market. They are perhaps best known locally for their exquisite thin-crust pizza which is the staple of their market shop, but their menu also includes noodles made fresh each morning, as well as a variety of specialty pasta dishes, salads, soups, sandwiches and freshly squeezed juices. Customers can also impress guests at home with Bolero's fresh meals, which can be ordered in advance for those special occasions.

Products offered: Pizza, pasta, soup, sandwiches



Kiki's Kitchen

With a focus on providing healthy foods to customers and accommodating special diets, such as vegan and gluten-free, everything Kiki's Kitchen serves is made from scratch, without using commercial food additives.

Phone: 519-635-1700

Facebook: Cafe Bivouac

La Casbah

Moroccan and Mediterranean fresh foods.


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AFG Produce

A wide variety of locally sourced and imported produce year-round.

Phone: 647-878-6070

Dino's Fruits & Vegetables

Assortment of fruits and vegetables, including a number of tropical fruits.



Eszes Fruit Farm ✔

Pears, plums, grapes.


Fekete's Produce ✔

Vegetables, bedding plants.


Fleetwood Farms ✔

Apples, apple cider, vegetables.



Forest Hill Orchards ✔

Apples, peaches.


G&G Family Produce

Fruits and vegetables.


Gingrich Family Farms

A local family farm selling fresh produce year-round.


Gmach Produce

Vegetables, pickles, horse radish, mustards, sauerkraut, sour cabbage heads.

Phone: 519-696-2695

Website: Gmach Produce

Kendy's Produce

Locally-grown fruits and vegetables as well as an exotic variety year-round.


Maison Verte

Maison Verte is a social enterprise focused on improving food sovereignty and food accessibility within local communities. The way we try and tackle this problem is by taking on different types of projects within our three pillars: Community, Research and Education. These projects include hosting interactive workshops, building tools, marketing local produce, collaborating with food system experts, building indoor growing systems and designing sustainable growth plans. We want to empower people to create accessible and regenerative food systems.


At the Kitchener Market, we will be selling our locally indoor grown microgreens, baby greens, seed kits, edible flowers and herbs! Our products are grown locally in a greenhouse! 

Website: Maison Verte

Orchard Park Farms ✔

If you are looking for apples for baking, eating or to make candied apples, drop by. They will pick out the right ones for you.


Quality Express

Local and imported produce.


Email: richard@hollandwholesale.ca 


A farmers market stand that brings you only the freshest, organic & most flavourful mushrooms you can buy.


The Unfactory Farm

Certified organic and natural foods. Eggs, vegetables, meat, herbs and more. More information available on website.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, search The Unfactory Farm.

Phone: 519-698-0990

Wegner Vegetable Gardens ✔

Vegetables, bedding plants

Phone: 519-802-6930

Website: Wegner Vegetable Gardens 

Westbrook Produce

Assortments of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and more.


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Specialty foods

A Taste of Seoul

Korean kimchi, bibimbap and a selection of fresh sushi.



Website: A Taste of Seoul

Kurt's Nuts

Carries a variety of organic dried herbs and spices, nuts, dried fruits, nut butters and many other organic baking and cooking ingredients.


Facebook: Kurt's Nuts

KW Empanadas

Gabriela Vera is the owner of this local business specializing in handmade empanadas, dipping sauces, pico de gallo, soup, and sweet alfajores.  Empanadas come in a variety of flavours including caprese, beef, chicken, ham and cheese, vegetarian and spinach.  All items are handcrafted and carefully prepared with the best quality ingredients.  


Facebook: KW Empanadas

Martin's Maple Syrup

Maple syrup, maple syrup candy and butter as well as a variety of jams and jellies.


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More at the market

What's in season?

Happy harvest season! The leaves are falling, which means that fall is here. Visit our vendors on Saturdays to see what they have to offer. From Ontario cranberries and apples to sweet potatoes and radishes, you’re sure to find the perfect ingredients for a fall recipe.

Macintosh apples on a tree.

White potatoes on display.

Pumpkins on display.

Getting here

Whether you walk, bike, take transit or drive, there are many routes to the Kitchener Market. We are located in downtown Kitchener, with many parking options nearby. We look forward to welcoming you to the market!

Certified local produce

When a farmer is MyPick® verified, you can be confident that you’re buying directly from a local farmer. Farmers’ Market Ontario visits applicants’ farms to verify that they produce their crops on their own farm.

Learn more about the MyPick® Local Farmer program.

Become a vendor

Are you interested in becoming a vendor at the Kitchener Market? Submit an application today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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