Our farmers’ market is one of the oldest operating markets in Canada. A proud tradition in Kitchener, the market has been a gathering place for over 150 years.

Take a journey through the rich history of the Kitchener Market below. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for our market community!

Historical photo of the Berlin farmers' market from the 1830s.


We can trace the origins of the farmers' market to the first Mennonite settlers in Waterloo Region.

In the 1830s, farmers with an excess of crops held outdoor markets in the Village of Berlin (now the City of Kitchener).

Historical photo of the Kitchener Market building from the 1800s.


The town council approved a $7,000 budget to build a new town hall. This building would house the farmers' market, council chambers, a public library and a post office.

Historical photo of the Berlin farmers' market from the late 1800s.


Popularity of the market grew so much that the initial site became too crowded. Behind the town hall, crews constructed a new market building, which was home to the market for 35 years.

Historical photo of the Kitchener Market from the early 1900s.


As the population of Berlin grew, the farmers' market needed to expand. A new red brick building was built and housed the farmers' market for over 60 years.

Kitchener farmers' market building in the 1970s.

1971 - 2004

Period of major growth for the Kitchener Market. In this time, it evolved into the market we are familiar with today.

Customers walking around the Kitchener Market in the 1970s.


The Market Square building, a downtown Kitchener mall, became home to the new market.

A 1972 brochure stated: "There’ll always be a market in Kitchener… the Kitchener Farmers’ Market will not close this year, next year – ever.”

Artist's rendering of the Kitchener Market building from 2004.


The Kitchener Market opened a new building on King Street, between Cedar and Eby Streets. Acting as an entrance to downtown Kitchener, the Market remains a cornerstone of the community.

Logo for the 150th anniversary of the Kitchener Market.


With a new sign and interior renovations, 2019 brought a new look for the market.

A milestone was celebrated as this marked the 150th anniversary of the Kitchener Market having a dedicated building.

In the summer, a full neighbourhood celebration took place with a Mid-Week Market on Wednesday evenings.

Photo of the mid-week market at the Kitchener Market.


While the location of the farmers' market has changed over the years, the spirit of the market in Kitchener strengthened.

The market has become a part of the city's cultural identity and has roots in our natural and human heritage. It is, and always will be, an integral part of our community.

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