Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Kitchener Market will not be able to offer rental options in 2020. We look forward to being able to update users on what options will be possible in 2021. You can subscribe to this page to receive rental information as it becomes available.

The Marketplace is a 2,000 square foot multi-use event venue in downtown Kitchener with a full-sized commercial kitchen. Located on the upper level of the Kitchener Market, this is the perfect space for a variety of events, including:

When you rent the Marketplace, you have access to the following:

  • Full-sized commercial kitchen
  • Catering from our Food Hall vendors (additional charges apply)
  • Availability outside of business hours

Rental packages

Staffing charges of $27.87 per hour per staff member apply outside of regular market hours, listed below:

  • Tuesday to Friday: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Saturday: 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Sunday and Monday: closed

At the time of booking, we require a non-refundable deposit of 25% to secure your rental. All rental agreements will require a signed contract

Room rental

Includes: use of Marketplace space

Cost: $50.17 per hour plus applicable taxes during regular Kitchener Market hours.

Note: does not include use of kitchen facilities or equipment

Kitchen rental

Includes: use of Marketplace space, kitchen facilities and equipment, chairs, tables and linens

Cost: $66.89 per hour plus applicable taxes during regular Kitchener Market hours.

Note: does not include use of china, flatware and glassware

Kitchen and dining rental

Includes: use of Marketplace space, kitchen facilities and equipment, chairs, tables and linens, china, flatware and glassware

Cost: $94.76 per hour plus applicable taxes during regular Kitchener Market hours.

Note: does not include setup of china

Top Chef challenge

Includes: use of Marketplace space, kitchen facilities and equipment, chairs, tables and linens, china, flatware and glassware

Cost: $150 for the chef plus $35 per participant (minimum of 8 participants)

Note: subject to availability of chefs on the Kitchener Market roster

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How to book your event

Send us an email or call us at 519-741-2287 to discuss your plans.

If you are booking an event outside of regular market hours, additional costs may apply. Please see individual packages or contact us for details.

Booking details

Kitchener Market office hours
  • Tuesday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • Saturday: 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Set-up and take down

Each 3-hour rental includes:

  • 1 hour of set-up
  • 30 minutes of take down

Additional staffing charges apply outside of regular hours.


The Marketplace holds a maximum of 150 people (120 when seated). You must provide final attendance numbers to the facility supervisor at least one week before the event.

Parking is available for event hosts and attendees. When you book your event, our event coordinator will review parking options with you.
Additional fees

The following are available upon request:

  • SOCAN fees
  • Insurance
  • Optional rental items
  • Catering
  • Additional upper level event space

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Rental guidelines

When you book an event at the Kitchener Market, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines. These guidelines help us provide a safe, clean and welcoming environment for guests.

Learn more about hosting an event with the City of Kitchener.


Rentals must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to the event. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. When required, an invoice can be provided.


All requests related to alcohol must be vetted through the events coordinator at the Kitchener Market. This is to ensure your event meets the procedures outlined in the Municipal Alcohol Policy.

For events hosted at the market, we provide AGCO signs that you must post during your event.


The City of Kitchener requires liability insurance for high-risk or licensed events. We also encourage hosts to purchase proper content insurance coverage, though it is not required.

Liability insurance

Licensed events: insurance coverage is mandatory

Unlicensed events: insurance coverage is optional

If staff deem that an unlicensed event involves high or unusual risk, insurance coverage becomes mandatory.

You must seek approval from the facility supervisor before the event if you want to use:

  • Smoke machines
  • Bouncy air castles
  • Scissor lifts or skyjacks
  • Other special apparatus

If using special apparatus, you must adhere to any extra requirements (e.g. insurance, CSA approval).

Content insurance

The City of Kitchener will not be liable for damage to or loss of any property brought into the facility. The City of Kitchener does not provide content insurance for any rental/user group. We encourage rental/user groups to purchase proper content insurance coverage.

Special event permits

The Licensee must provide special event permits within the designated time.

Special event permits include:

  • Special occasion permits
  • Insurance
  • Sales license
  • Barbeque usage
  • Other relevant permits

The Licensee is also responsible for getting copies of the qualified bartenders' certification. They must submit a copy of these to the facility at least two weeks before the event.


Gambling is not permitted in city facilities without a license. Only registered charitable or non-profit organizations may obtain a license.

The city’s policy on gambling is taken from the Criminal Code of Canada. If a licensee and/or designate does not comply with the Criminal Code of Canada, they may be subject to a fine or imprisonment.


The Kitchener Market is a smoke-free facility. The Licensee must inform their guests of the designated outside smoking area(s).

Fire safety

As a renter of a facility, please be advised of the following information as it pertains to you and your groups and the facility’s Fire Safety Plan:

  • Make note of all locations of Fire Pull stations and fire extinguishers.
  • Emergency phone is available. For all available pay phones, there is no charge for 911 calls.
  • Make note of all the fire exits.
  • Do not block exits. All exits must be kept clear at all times.
  • Fire regulation clearance is 3’6” for all doors.

Before the event, please inform guests of the evacuation procedures. Guests must evacuate from the nearest exit to the outside of the building and remain on site until otherwise directed by Kitchener Fire.

Pre-event site check

We recommend that the Licensee perform a pre-event check two days before the event. They should check that all requested items are present and in good working order.

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Decorating guidelines

To help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, we ask that all event hosts follow the guidelines below.

As a general guideline, please return the facility to the general state of cleanliness in which it began. If extra clean-up or damage repair is required, you may incur extra costs.

Helium balloons

Any use of helium balloons must be pre-arranged with the facility supervisor. If non-secured balloons do escape the facility, you may incur extra fees.

Candles and fire

You may use candles in the following circumstances:

  • On a birthday cake
  • In a non-flammable container like a hurricane glass
Tape and tacks

Please do not use tacks or any other damageable devices to put up decorations. If decorating walls, tables, chairs, doors or window treatments, you may use masking tape or sticky tack. You must remove decorations, masking tape and sticky tack at the end of the event.

Set-up and take down

The Licensee handles setting up and putting away all tables and chairs as per staff’s direction. Please report any damage immediately to staff.

Proper use of tables and chairs
  • Lift these items off the floors to avoid drag marks
  • Do not kick out legs to open and close
  • Ensure that legs are in locked position during set-up
  • Wipe all tables and chairs after use
  • Return to proper storage area from which they were borrowed
Clean-up responsibilities
  • Clean up all liquids and solid spills
  • Clean counters and sinks
  • Clean stove and fridge
  • Clean floors
  • Take garbage to front of room
  • Take recyclable items to front of room
  • Clean patio and outside areas
General guidelines
  • Please ensure that you remove all food, beverages and decorations before leaving.
  • The Licensee must do a final walk-around and check with the on-site staff member at the end of the event. This is to ensure proper compliance with our clean-up guidelines.
  • If additional clean-up time is required after your event, you will incur an extra cost.
  • Our team will return your deposit after inspection and inventory of the kitchen. We will deduct the cost of missing or broken items from your deposit. We will invoice the Licensee for any damages exceeding $100.

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